You have got to hear this SSC TUATARA'S 1750BHP V8 Roar!

The SSC Tuatara is aiming to be the first production car to break the 300mph mark, has taken a huge step forwards as its monstrous V8 engine hits the testing and calibration stage.

The 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 has been designed from the ground up, in co-operation with Nelson Racing Engines and SSC. It is said to be good for 1350bhp on regular pump petrol. Whereas, on E85 racing fuel that figure rises to 1750bhp, with around 1500bhp being a sweet spot if you start mixing fuel grades.

The engine utilizes two injectors per cylinder to get enough fuel into the engine to produce the insane performance figures. Of course, revving to 8800rpm helps spin the fuel through nice and quickly.

The car is claimed to weigh 1247kg dry and will be incredibly aerodynamic with a production-spec drag coefficient of less than the recently-publicized 0.279Cd. SSC is confident that the Tuatara, will exceed the 300mph target using E85 fuel.

Hennessey is also aiming to reach over 300mph with their Venom F5, however, customer cars won’t be able to match the speeds that are bound to be set by the development car. This sounds more like a marketing stunt than anything.


The competition is heating up to reach 300mph. We have SSC, Hennessey, Koenigsegg and even Bugatti trying to hit 300mph. I want to know who you think will produce a car that’ll be able to hit 300mph first. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Written by Kris Totten

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