This is what TVR’s new Griffith sounds like.

So it looks like the guys over at TVR have been out doing some testing in their new supercar, and this is what is sounds like!

TVR is back. The all-new Griffith unveiled a few months back, will spearhead the legendary carmaker’s return to the supercar fraternity.

And here’s what it sounds like. It sounds… interesting. Bassy, yes. V8-y, also yes. Loud? Very.

On a secret test track revealed to actually be Dunsfold, TVR decided to test out its 200mph super coupe.

Some quick facts for you: new Griffith weighs around 1,250kg, uses a 5.0-litre V8 overhauled by Cosworth, gets a 400bhp-per-tonne power to weight ratio and will go from 0-100mph in six and a bit seconds.

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