This tuned Panamera is called a Stingray GTR

Corvette and Nissan seemingly influence the name of this carbon-adorned Porsche


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If there are two cars the internet really likes commenting on, it’s Corvettes and quick Nissans. This Stingray GTR should really hit the mark then. Only it’s actually a tuned Porsche Panamera…

Meet the Panamera Stingray GTR, the work of tuner TopCar. Regular Panameras, even in their most staid colours, are not for the shy. So quite who this is for we’re not sure. It’s positively mad.

It costs 235,000 euros, or about £210,000, which is almost a £100k hike over a standard Panamera Turbo. It does buy you a lot of carbon though. Wing, diffusers, air intakes, mirrors, bonnet… they’re all the lightweight weaved stuff. Only, finished with so much gloss, we doubt it’s all suddenly dropped the car’s centre-of-gravity or sliced its already sprightly acceleration times.

There’s yet more carbon inside, while the seats get a bold quilted pattern and there are sharks stitched onto the headrests. Um, you called the car Stingray. Awkward.

TopCar is making just 25, and this is number 3. If you need a recap on the Turbo’s performance, it gets a 542bhp 4-litre V8 engine good for 190mph and 0-62mph in 3.6secs. Not quite as quick as the Nissan its second suffix nods to, then, but not far off…

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