Saleen Teases All-New Car Ahead Of LA Auto Show Unveiling

By November 27, 2017News

During this year’s LA Auto Show, Saleen Automotive CEO, Steve Saleen will be showing off his company’s latest project, dubbed the Saleen 1, or S1 for short.

The S1, which actually surfaced in China two weeks ago, has been designed and engineered entirely by Steve Saleen and his team in California, and manufacturing for the car is said to begin immediately.LA Auto Show visitors looking to see the vehicle in person should head down to the West Hall Atrium on Thursday, November 30, at 10:30 AM, otherwise, stay tuned here and we’ll bring you the latest on the car, as more details are expected to surface in a few days time.

Plans to build the Saleen 1 began when JSAT (Jiangsu Saleen Automotive Technologies Group), purchased the “tooling and remnants” of the Artega GT, a mid-engined RWD sports car produced in Germany between 2009 and 2012. Instead of modernizing the Artega GT, Steve Saleen decided to build an entirely new vehicle from scratch.

While all Saleen 1 vehicles will be built initially in North America, the JSAT factory in Rugao, China will eventually oversee production for an entirely new line of Saleen vehicles, including the S1.

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