New ‘Magic Carpet’ Suspension technology is coming!

By May 16, 2018News

The incredible proactive suspension system developed in the 1990s by Bose might actually see production after all, and we’re losing our minds with excitement.

While most of us have already witnessed the incredible proactive suspension system developed by Bose in the 1990s, we never thought it would make production!

The video below is a handy reminder of just how awesome the system was. Watch and gawp. While weight and cost killed it off at the time, it was simply too incredible not to keep in mind for the future.

Enter US firm Clearmotion, which has bought the rights to the control software developed by Bose. Combining it with the latest in dampers air suspension the firm has been able to fashion a commercially viable setup that’s said to have caught the eyes of five major car makers – whose identities are being kept secret, for now.

Now renamed the ‘digital chassis system,’ it’s being dubbed ‘the fastest proactive ride system that exists today’ by Clearmotion’s CEO, Shak Avadhany. He said:

“In our system, we equip the damper with an active valve that allows the fluid inside to pass in and out. We have real-time accelerometers that are reading the road and reacting instantly, with motors providing the car with unparalleled ride quality.

“It really delivers an almost instantaneous level of isolation that’s so noticeable you’d feel the difference in the first 10 feet of driving.”

By using dual-function dampers that also work as actuators, the software is able to extend and retract the suspension in near-perfect sync with the road surface. Much of the development has been done in the UK because of its skilled engineering sector – and its ridiculously rubbish road surfaces.

A production target of 2019 has been set, and we can’t wait.

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