MSO McLarens Look Great In French Racing Blue

Back in the day, before sponsors took over, racing cars wore the national colors of their home country. That’s why, to this day, Italian cars still “look right” painted red, British cars in dark green, and German cars in silver.

Bright blue was France’s national color, and you still see Alpines and Bugattis decked out in the shade. Ford Performance models, too. But McLarens?

That’s exactly what we have here. And not just one either, but three of the British supercars painted in shades resembling French Racing Blue. There’s a pair of new 720S coupes, and a 570S Spider to go with them. And they’re all wearing custom wheels painted to match.

The trio was assembled and captured by Butler Tires & Wheels out in Atlanta. One is said to belong to local rapper Gucci Mane, who’s been known to favor exotic rides painted this color. Scroll through his Instagram feed and you’ll see a Rolls-Royce Wraith decked out in a similar shade (along with a Red Dawn and a white Maybach S600).

Ownership aside, the McLarens are certainly not French. And they’re more often found in shades of orange, as founder Bruce McLaren was known to favor. But they don’t look half bad in light blue, either – especially with a set of Forgiato Tecnica Performance Series alloys with matching color-keyed accents.

In fact, the MSO Defined color catalog for the 720S includes a few such shades, including a greenish teal Fistral Blue, a deeper Paris Blue, and an electric Burton Blue. There’s a brighter Curacao Blue offered on the Sports Series as well. So if you like what you see here, and have the means to order a new McLaren, you have the options to choose from.

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