Mint Green RUF CTR Clubsport Going To RM Sotheby’s With No Reserve


Old RUFs are things of beauty, and this 1989 CTR Clubsport fits the bill perfectly.

It started life as a Guards Red 3.2 Carrera, with the original owner driving it for 40,000km (around 25k miles) before heading to RUF for a complete CTR conversion.

The CTR features include replacing the original steel doors, hood, and an engine cover with aluminum items, thus reducing the weight by 200kg.

RUF also shaved the rain gutters to reduce drag, fitted fiberglass front, and rear bumpers and widened the rear fenders slightly to fit the larger Speedline alloys. Clubsport models, such as this one, also got aluminum fenders and a full roll cage.

Instead of using the 930’s 3.3-liter turbocharged engine, Alois Ruf opted for a bored-out, twin-turbocharged version of Porsche’s 3.2-liter flat-six, which is lighter. The engine was also fitted with the fueling and ignition system of the Group C Porsche 962 and is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox that was designed in-house and featured custom ratios, while a six-speed manual was made available later down the line.

The end result was a (rather conservative) rating of 469hp, making the RUF CTR one of the fastest and most exciting 911s ever. This specific example is also believed to be the world’s only CTR painted in RS Mint Green.

The car spent most of its life in Japan, and in 2015 it was re-imported into Europe, visiting RUF for a gearbox overhaul. An air-cooled Porsche specialist has also overhauled the twin K26 turbochargers.What’s more impressive is the condition of the car, despite its huge mileage. This lovely RUF has covered an impressive 197,000km (122k miles) but it’s described to be in a remarkable condition, both aesthetically and mechanically.

Looking for a classic sports car that can outrun modern-day supercars? Then make sure you attend RM Sotheby’s Paris auction on February 7.

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