Lebanon Ford Offering A Twin-Turbo Performance Package For The 2018 Mustang

The last vehicle we saw from Lebanon Ford was a 1,200-horsepower Mustang that they were selling for just $45,000. The new motto for the dealer in 2018 is “Pick Your Power.” The new performance model from the dealer is still called the LFP Hellion and is built completely in-house. As the motto puts it, customers can add more boost and some upgraded components to increase power all the way up to 1,200 hp. But the package is good for roughly 660 to 700 hp right out of the gate.

The LFP Hellion Twin Turbo System, as its name implies, is comprised of a twin-turbo setup with twin precision wastegates, dual blow-off valves, and a large vertical flow intercooler. Boost pressure for the turbos start at 7 psi and go all the way up to 30 psi. Other components that are included in the package include 1000cc injectors, an N-Gauge Tuning Device, a custom tune, TSS oil pump gears, an x-pipe, and 800-hp half shafts.

The price for all of this, with labor, is $51,995. That price also includes a base Mustang GT. While the performance-to-price ratio is impressive, it’s not as good as 727-hp Mustang GT that the dealer was selling for under $40,000 in 2016.

Still, as one of the first heavily-modified Mustangs to come out in 2018, we’re impressed. We’re sure Lebanon Ford will return with an even more powerful pony car in the near future, but this is a fantastic start to 2018, especially for those that can’t wait for the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT500.

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