Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Is The Ultimate Huracan

By February 17, 2018News

Owning a car like the track-focused Lamborghini Huracan Performante is cool. However, it’s nothing compared to having a Huracan Super Trofeo sitting in your garage.

This particular Huracan Super Trofeo, currently for sale in Madrid on James Edition for a touch over $384,000, looks identical to the example Lamborghini first unveiled in Pebble Beach three and a half years ago.

Consequently, the Italian race car has a matte grey exterior paint scheme that’s contrasted by some bright red accents and the sponsor stickers obligatory for a car like this. If you have wads full of cash burning through your pockets, buying a Huracan racer is the perfect way to show the world that you’re ballin’.

Unlike the Performante, which is four-wheel drive, all of the Super Trofeo’s 620 hp is sent through the rear wheels. There’s also a custom six-speed Xtrac sequential transmission and a bespoke aerodynamics package that includes a rear wing with ten different settings. The Super Trofeo Evo recently took things to an entirely new level but the original is still very impressive.

Obviously, the Super Trofeo can’t be driven on the street, severely affecting its usability. Nevertheless, for a budding race car driver, or someone looking for a track car, this is a tantalizing option.

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