There is an immaculate 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R “PGC10” for Sale right now!

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Here at Online Octane we just love stumbling across little gems like these and putting it in front of our audience. Below you will see what can only be described as an immaculate 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R “PGC10” and it is currently for sale at BH Auctions for an estimated: ¥9,000,000 – ¥11,000,000

Its ok, we did the math for you, so in our money that is…. between £1,028,610 – £1,257,190

American Friends: – $1,375,380 – $1,681,020

Friends Down Under:  $1,779,390 – £2,174,810

Ok, so now we all know we cannot afford it, lets just go look at it anyway!



A bit more about this car.

The car named Skyline was originally born as the main model of the Prince Automobile Industry (ex Fuji Seimitsu Kogyo). In the first ALSI type, the second generation S5 type, and Japan in the dawn of the dawn of the automobile, it was a car with the cutting edge of the times. In the first generation, GT (its evolved GT-A, GT-B) with Michelotti design skyline sports and the second generation with a six-cylinder engine is particularly famous.

However, the Prince Automobile Industry entered a permanent management difficulty due to its inexpensive cost development and insufficient sales strategy, and in 1966, eventually it will be effectively absorbed into Nissan Motor. The third generation of the C10 skyline, known as “Hakosuka”, appeared in 1968, it was a development model of the Prince era and became the first new model as “Nissan Prince”. Originally it was sold in a very practical combination such as a 4 door sedan, a wagon and a van, and when the 2000 GT (GC 10) which extended the nose extended the L20 type 2 liter straight 6 SOHC debuts a little late, it was sold in a very practical combination such as a wagon and a van, the era of the Prince Skyline Like expectations in motor sports increased as well.

In October 1968, at the 15th Tokyo Motor Show, the concept model of shocks will debut. Its name is “Skyline GT racing specification”. It was positioned as the successor to the Prince Skyline 2000 GT-B (S54 B II) who was active in touring car races and others. “Skyline GT Racing Specification” is a 4-door sedan body of 2000 GT, a stimulus equipped with S20 type 2 liter straight 6 DOHC engine injected with GT prototype racing car developed for overturning Porsche, GR 8 type engine know-how on Nissan R 380 It was a model that took up the topic at the show venue.

In February 1969, the racing was changed to “R”, and the first skyline GT – R (PGC 10) was born in almost the same form as the concept. In the S20 engine, we adopted the world’s first 4-valve DOHC mechanism as a mass production car. Maximum output 160 ps, maximum torque 17.6 kgm, as the domestic car of that time boasted the highest spec spec. 832 doakoska GT-R (PGC – 10) of 4 door sedan was produced, and in 1970 a short – wheel – based 2 – door hard top joined the Skyline lineup, GT – R was the only two – door hard top (KPGC 10) It was set. Note that the number of 2-door KPGC 10 type GT-R produced is 1197

Among the skyline, GT-R is a model developed to fight the touring car race, “Hakosuka GT-R” embellished with debut winning at “JAF Grand Prix”, after repeated aging and development Continuing to hold down the rivals that come, finally attaining the cumulative total of 50 wins of the predecessor in March 1972. The victory that I mentioned up to the suspension of Works race activity in October of that year totaled 52 victories, of which 49 wins were a record of winning streak.
This individual is a 4-door sedan of the 1969 model (Showa 44 year), PGC 10 type GT-R. The 4-door sedan with a production volume fewer than 2 doors also helped with its rarity, and its evaluation is increasing today among maniacs. The interior maintains a very beautiful condition though original, and the room mirror is attached to Nissan ‘s work race car of the 1970’ s which is very scarce. In the summer of 2017, I entered “Hokkaido classic car rally (HCCR)”. He has a history of traveling 1,100 km of stroke without any trouble for 3 days.

Adjustment of the engine and other engine systems is also perfect, and you can fully enjoy the sharp rise of the race like S20. In addition, the wheel is converted to Watanabe worn by the former skyline racer and converted to 16 inches (originally made of steel 14 inches). It is finished to correspond to the modern high grip radial tire.


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