Honda NSX And S2000 Spoon Racers Will Make You The Coolest Kid On The Block

By December 23, 2017General

For many (if not all) automotive enthusiasts the first-gen NSX and the S2000 have a lot of appeal, thus we reckon these two are not going to have trouble finding new homes.

Both this 2007 NSX-R GT as well as the 2013 S2000 ST-4 were modified by renowned Honda tuner Spoon, sharing dual-tone yellow and light blue liveries and plenty of performance mods between them.

The NSX is estimated to fetch anywhere between 13,500,000 and 18,500,000 Yen ($119,205 – $163,355), while the S2000 could go in the 5,800,000 to 9,000,000 Yen ($51,214 – $79,470) range.

According to Bhauction, this NSX-R GT took part in the Macau Road Sports Challenge, boasting a tuned C32B naturally aspirated engine, which was later replaced with a modified C30A using an after-market turbocharger, resulting in 550 PS. The ad also states that all the mechanical components have been maintained in race-ready condition.

As for the 2013 S2000 ST-4, Spoon built it for the ST-4 Super Endurance Race Class, where it actually raced for three years until 2016. While its engine is mostly standard to comply with JAF N1 regulations, a careful calibration of components led to it being more responsive than stock units. Other mods include the custom bumpers and of course the massive GT wing.


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