Here’s Our Best Look Yet At McLaren’s “Rule-Breaking” GT Car

Here's Our Best Look Yet At McLaren's

McLaren doesn’t like to sit still, does it? Having only just launched the 600LT and 720S Spiders, while also rather busy readying the three-seater Speedtail, Woking is also cooking up an all-new mid-engined grand tourer.

The as-yet-unnamed McLaren GT car was first revealed last month, but it was hard to tell how the finished product might look, with the sole image of the car being a test mule mocked up in shape-changing body panels. Those have now been ditched, however, giving us a much better idea of the styling direction.

Here's Our Best Look Yet At McLaren's

It stays pretty close to other cars in the McLaren stable – there’s a little bit of 570S going on at the front, while at the back end it’s more 720S, perhaps with a dash of the old 12C.

What’s going on underneath won’t shock you either: it’ll be powered by a twin-turbo V8, and although McLaren hasn’t specified, it’ll almost certainly be built around one of the company’s tried and tested carbonfibre tubs.

The wheelbase does look like it might be a bit longer than that of the 570S, though, and the roofline at the rear is taller. Our first thought is that this is to give a roomier interior and more luggage space – it seems unlikely that there’d be room to squeeze in an extra pair of seats to make the car a 2+2, but you never know.

McLaren is promising to break a number of "established rules" for GT cars

McLaren is promising to break a number of “established rules” for GT cars

We won’t have to wait long to find out, with the camouflage due to be peeled off at some point in May. The mule is in for a variety of validation tests in the coming weeks, one of which will involve a 1000-mile jaunt from McLaren’s development facility in Spain to the MTC in Woking, two-up and with a “full complement of luggage”. Sounds like a good day at the office.

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