Get Your Hands On 1 Of Just 125 Lightweight 1995 BMW M3

It’s a 1995 M3 coupe, but not just any M3 coupe. It’s a factory Lightweight, one of just 125 made, and it’s just begging to be driven, and driven hard.

The E36 M3 Lightweight was, true to its name, stripped of some 225 pounds of excess weight. It had aluminum doors, manual cloth seats, less sound insulation, carbon-fiber trim, and no radio, sunroof, toolkit, or air conditioning. It also featured the wheels, aero kit, and suspension components, from the M3 GT. And the BMW M checkered flag decals to go with the rain-pattern upholstery, just to make it extra delicious.

This example was owned by two successive enthusiasts in Pennsylvania, the first of which traded in his ’89 Porsche 944 Turbo to buy it with a window sticker of $48,470. He put 51,524 miles on it before the second put on just 1,800 miles over the course of 12 years.

It shows a few small signs of wear, mostly cosmetic, and with 53,338 miles on the clock, the rare M3 Lightweight is listed for sale in Philadelphia for $110,000. That’d be enough to put you into a new M5today (or two M2s, or an M3/M4 and an M240i) – but while either would likely run circles around this one, over twenty years later, we’re not sure they’d be as much fun to drive.

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