Ferrari 275 And Shelby Cobra Found Untouched For Decades Will Go To Auction

Imagine opening up a garage (or some other storage facility) to find a classic sports car sitting there, untouched for decades. That’s the enticing but rare prospect we know as the “barn find,” and this one was more fantastic than most.

Uncovered recently in a garage in North Carolina are not one, but two million-dollar classics that have been waiting decades to roll back out into the light of day. And roll they will across the auction block in Florida next month.

The more valuable of the two is a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB. 970 of those phallic sports cars were built in Maranello between 1964 and 1968, but this one is rarer than most: it’s a long-nose, alloy-bodied example – one of just 80 made – in a delicious combination of silver with a blue interior.

Sitting alongside it in that North Carolina garage has been an original 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra – an absolute icon of American performance, of which only 260 were made. Resplendent in red over black, it has just 13,000 miles on it.

Both have been sitting in that garage since it was built in 1991. The Ferrari came out just last month, its engine brought back to life but the body still covered in dust, for the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, where it “became one of the undisputed stars of the show,” according to the consigned auctioneer.

“We are honored to present these significant collector cars to the world after decades in hiding,” said David Gooding. “To discover either one of these cars would be unbelievable, but to find both, incredibly well-preserved and untouched in one garage, truly excites me as an enthusiast.”

Gooding & Company places the Ferrari’s value at $2.5-3.25 million, and the Cobra’s at $1-1.3 million. It will auction off both at Amelia Island on March 9, but you can check them both out below in the images by Gooding’s Mathieu Heurtault and Hagerty’s Jordan Lewis and in the accompanying video.

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