Can A Catback Exhaust Make Your Car Faster?

By December 27, 2017General

Will a catback exhaust actually make your car any faster? Does a performance exhaust increase your engine’s horsepower? Will a new exhaust make your car louder? Is a performance exhaust worth the money? In this video Engineering Explained will be installing a new catback exhaust on his Honda S2000, and measuring all of the differences. Which one is lighter? Which one makes more horsepower? Which one results in a faster car with real world testing? How do you install an exhaust?

Genuine Honda Part Numbers:

Self-Locking Nuts (x3): 18302-SP0-003
Converter Bolts (x3): 90212-SA5-003
Rubber Mount (x2): 18215-SP0-A00
Rubber Mount (x3): 18215-S2A-000

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