The BMW M5 Now Holds The World Record For Drifting!

By January 9, 2018General

BMW has officially smashed the world record for the longest drift! Using the new M5 they have managed to drift into the Guinness World Records by setting a new world record for the longest drift. BMW – with BMW M Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz at the helm of the new BMW M5 – have moved the goalposts with a 374.17km drift lasting just under 8 hours!

Interestingly enough, the record they had to beat was set by South African Jesse Adams in Toyota SA‘s GT86 who performed an impressive 165km drift in just under 6 hours. While previous attempts have allowed drivers to pit for fuel, BMW has opted against doing that, by performing a refuel mid-drift – courtesy of a tandem drifting F10 M5.

BMW actually managed to take down another record that day, the one for the longest twin vehicle drift (albeit water assisted): 63.16 km. The elaborate stunt was performed to show that the new xDrive-equipped M5 has lost none of its tail-happiness, in its pure RWD mode. And without further ado, here is that record breaking drift.


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