Ares Design’s Original C2 Corvette Stingray With LS3 Is Everything You Could Wish For In A Stingray

Want an original C2 Corvette Stingray, but with the benefits of modern technology? Ares Design can hook you up… for a price.

The Modenese coachbuilder has revealed a number of projects it has underway, and the Stingray looks like one of the most tempting.

The undertaking starts with the Corvettes built in the 1960s and brings them up to modern standards. That includes a more potent powertrain in the form of an LS3 crate engine, like the one you’d find in a newer C6 Corvette (built between 2005 and 2013).

The 6.2-liter V8 engine is tuned to produce 518 horsepower, channeled to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission and a Viper Hammerhead differential.

 Fitting the new engine requires plugging up the 23 original holes in the firewall and drilling new ones for a fresh wiring harness. It also entails fitting a custom fuel tank, modifying the wheel wells, mounting a new exhaust, and installing a 427-style bulged hood.

The engine isn’t the only part of the project that’s received attention, though. Ares Design has also completely stripped the bodywork and interior. The exterior is resprayed in gloss black, and the cabin upholstered in fresh leather, with refurbished seats and modern electronics. That includes a hidden stereo, 500-watt Alpine amp, USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity. The dials are refurbished with LED lighting, and both the and doors windows are now power-operated.

The whole thing rides on 19-inch wheels up front, and 20-inches at the back, with LED headlights to provide better illumination.

The finished product looks at least as comprehensive as projects like Eagle’s take on the Jaguar E-Type or Singer’s on the Porsche 911. Ares has already completed the first example (pictured), and will make one for you as well. All it’ll take is the small matter of €350,000-400,000 or about $436-500k at current exchange rates.

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