There has been 70 Bugatti Chirons this year!

So Online Octanes favourite hypercar of 2017 has been in production for a full year. In that time, Bugatti tells us it’s delivered 70 of the things to customers around the world – the first in March this year – and sold just over 300 of the 500 it plans to build.

43 percent of orders come from Europe, it says, 26 percent from North America and 23 percent from the Middle East.

70 doesn’t sound like many (and nor does 300 from 500, if we’re honest) but remember the Chiron is a bespoke object on which much care and attention is lavished.

Each Chiron spends six months in production. They take three weeks to paint, and just assembling the chassis takes a whole week. You can read just how Bugatti goes about building a Chiron by clicking these teal words.

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